"Wanting to lose weight for my wedding and make a big lifestyle change... I was training hard to lose weight for my wedding and had tried many diet plans I found online or read about in books and magazines with little results to shout about. I then came across Mairi’s website and booked an appointment with the main aim being to reach my target weight for wedding day.  Over the course of working with Mairi I have achieved so much more than just losing weight. Mairi identified several problems with my diet which were causing stomach upsets / problems, low energy levels and intolerances to certain food groups. The individual food plan that Mairi suggested was very easy to follow with lots of great recipe ideas, the plan also helped me plan my meals and snacks throughout day / week to help keep my energy levels constant throughout the day which immediately made a huge difference to my every day life.  Also Mairi helped me understand what foods I should include in my diet and what foods I should avoid to help control my IBS like symptoms, this has made a huge difference!!!  On top of feeling great and being in less pain after eating the plan has helped me lose over 2 stone in weight and I have surpassed my weight loss goals prior to my wedding.  I would recommend Mairi to anyone looking to make a serious change in their eating habits / lifestyle." Barry (Leven)

"Being a single guy and not too good in the kitchen wanted to lose weight and improve digestion... I put Mairi’s advice into practice and ate an increased variety of healthy and enjoyable foods; all easily found in the supermarket. Found I enjoyed food more and my indigestion improved. Now leaner, less bloated, sleep improving, more energy and managed to keep up with the good habits quite easily. It all leads to practical and easily prepared meals with a wider variety and something to look forward to at meal times." Brian (Glenrothes)

"Experiencing IBS symptoms and having an eating disorder wanted to improve diet to gain weight... The dietary changes that were suggested were much easier to implement than I had imagined. I have benefited greatly from slowly introducing these changes and as a result my IBS related symptoms have been greatly reduced and a more varied and balanced diet has made a vast improvement to my eating disorder. I would encourage anyone considering a nutritional analysis to go for it. Nutrition 4 Healthy Living offers such a welcoming environment and a wealth of dietary knowledge which can easily improve your diet and life. The help I received was so useful that I decided to have a more comprehensive dietary analysis conducted. I kept a detailed food diary for 5 days and the report produced from this was incredible. The Personal Plan was easy to follow, diagrams showed me the energy I was taking in and my average vitamin and nutrient levels over the period, which was something I would never have considered and I was able to see the areas which required most attention." Emma (Kirkcaldy)

"Being a nurse, a mum and working 12hr dayshifts/backshifts I was finding it difficult to eat healthily all the time which wasn’t helping my general health or helping me lose weight... I managed to make changes to my eating habits and introduce a wider variety of healthy foods into mine and my families diet without causing too much disruption to our already hectic routine. Once I knew what I could prepare quickly and easily that was healthy, I didn’t find it hard, bit like going back to basics and doing things that I hadn’t thought of or done for ages. Mairi provided me with my goals which kept me focused too. I started to notice the difference within 2 weeks, not so bloated, more energy, sleeping better, weight coming off and I feel great and even my son and husband have made the effort and eat more healthier too." Jackie (Glenrothes)

"Couldn’t understand why I wasn’t losing weight cause didn’t eat a lot and my skin wasn’t in too good a condition either... I didn’t realise how important it is to eat regularly throughout the day, or the effects that eating very little and unhealthy choices can have on your body. Once I started to eat healthily and have regular meals, and kept a note every day of what ate I began to notice a difference. My digestive system started to function properly and in just two weeks my psoriasis improved, even with me being a smoker, and I lost half a stone, which makes me feel good. It’s amazing what small changes can do for your body." Gail (West Fife)

To book an appointment or for further details please phone 07588-475547 or email info@nutrition4healthyliving.co.uk

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Read what others experienced and how they coped with making changes to their diet. They may have experienced the same as what you are trying to achieve.’ 


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