Whichever age category you fall into Nutrition 4 Healthy Living can analyse your diet to establish if you are providing your body with the recommended nutrition required for your age.  Support and guidance will be provided to help you overcome any nutritional imbalances revealed in the analysis, which may be impacting on your health, and assist you in working towards a healthy, balanced diet. 

Eating healthily with plenty of antioxidants will help reduce the harmful effects caused by free radicals and help to delay the ageing process.  Combining a healthy lifestyle, regular physical activity, and a healthy, balanced diet will help you to maintain healthy arteries, organs, digestive system, eyes, bone density, brain activity and help reduce your risk to a wide variety of dietary and age-related conditions. 

Take a look at your age group to see why healthy eating could benefit you...

Under 20s, 20s-30s, 40s-50s, Over 60s

During Childhood and Adolescence

Whether you are at school, studying at college, or starting out on your career path, eating healthily will not only provide you with the energy to learn new subjects, be creative, participate in sporting activities, spend time with friends, but also ensure that your body receives the nutrients required to support your physical, cognitive and social development.  Your diet is therefore very important at this time of your life because it will help lay down the foundations for a long and healthy life.

Eating healthily is not just about consuming your ‘5 a day’ or more and not being able to have any treats.  It is about balancing your intake of the food groups – proteins (meat, fish, eggs, beans, lentils, nuts), starchy fibrous foods (bread, rice, pasta, breakfast cereals, potatoes), fruit and vegetables, dairy produce (milk, cheese, yoghurt), eating a wide variety of foods to ensure your body receives the nutrients it requires for your growth and development, and keeping the sugary drinks, sweets, biscuits, cakes and foods high in salt and saturated fat to a minimum. 

As you age your taste buds will change, so if you don’t like the taste of a food now, just try it again - you’ll likely find you love it one day.  I would never have eaten avocados or natural probiotic yoghurt in my childhood, but they are two of my favourite foods now.  Any nutritional imbalances could impact on your health, if not now, perhaps later in life.  Ensuring you eat a healthy, balanced diet, combined with physical activity to balance your energy intake and adopt a healthy lifestyle, you should be able to reap the benefits and enjoy good health as you progress through life. 

Just remember the more colourful your plate, the more nutritious your meal and the healthier it will be for you.  Next time you have a meal see how many different colours are on your plate and how your plate compares with your friend’s. 

During your

This can be a very busy and stressful time as you strive to fit everything into your day; from work to socialising, household chores, caring for a family member or bringing up a family and just existing.  So fitting in a healthy diet and lifestyle often falls low on the list of priorities. 

Incorporating a few key ingredients into your diet at regular times throughout the day, can provide you with some vital nutrients to give you energy, make you feel more alert, reduce your resistance to infections and prevent the blood sugar highs and lows that many of us experience.  Adequate dietary calcium, vitamin D and magnesium will help reduce the risk of osteoporosis in later life. 

Imbalances in the diet can often affect our mood and lead to depression, irritability, low self-esteem, lack of motivation, poor concentration, digestive problems and irregular sleeping patterns.  Therefore adopting a healthy, balanced diet will ensure that your body receives all the vitamins, minerals and trace elements required to help prevent or alleviate these symptoms, support new life, and provide you with the opportunity of a long and healthy life.

During your

Life during the 40’s-50’s can vary considerably; juggling work, household chores,  family life and perhaps having to prepare different meals at different times to fit around everyone’s daily activities.  This can be a time when you are predisposed to rising cholesterol levels, elevated blood pressure, anxiety and tension, muscular aches and pains, perhaps having to deal with the symptoms of the menopause and feeling run down with little time for ‘you’. 

Allowing yourself some ‘me time’ will allow you to put some aspects of your life into perspective.  We all know that health is very important and that eating healthily will improve how we look and feel, but knowing where to start can often hold us back. 

Personal support and guidance  will help you to incorporate the recommended nutrition into your diet and give you the opportunity of slowing your ageing process by having more energy, feeling less tense, more alert, balancing your blood sugar levels, reducing your risk of high cholesterol, high blood pressure, infections and many other dietary related conditions. 

By making the decision not to continue as you have been and acquiring the knowledge to help you make quick and easy gradual changes to your or your families eating habits, you will already be half way there....

60's and over

You may be taking life at a slower pace, working towards your retirement, spending more time with your grandchildren, or perhaps you have already retired and find that you are busier than when you were working, as you catch up on all those tasks or interests you never had time for before.

Nutrition at this time of your life is very important.  Over time oxidative damage caused by free radicals impacts on the body and assists in the ageing process and degenerative disorders.  By keeping your body and mind active, consuming a healthy, balanced diet and providing your body with the recommended nutrition for your age, you will be able to help reduce these effects and the risk of conditions such as atherosclerosis, cataracts, cancer, neurodegenerative disorders, and allow you to get the most out of your retirement years.

To book an appointment or for further details please phone 07588-475547 or email info@nutrition4healthyliving.co.uk

Testimonial page

Read what others experienced and how they coped with making changes to their diet. They may have experienced the same as what you are trying to achieve.’ 


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