Nutrition 4 Healthy Living (N4HL) works on a very individual basis because we are all unique. What may be considered a healthy choice for one or agreeable to others may not be for you!

N4HL will analyse your diet through an investigative process taking into consideration your relationship with food, eating habits, likes and dislikes and how food fits into your lifestyle, to help you work towards achieving your aim.

Assessing your diet is not just about what to eat and when but to help you understand your body, why you eat what you do, how specific foods can impact on your health and help you to overcome your fears which may have sabotaged previous efforts. Personal nutritional advice will help you to have a better understanding of what is healthy for ‘you’ and allow you to make more informed choices when making a decision on what to put in your basket or on your plate.

Whether you were actively looking for help and support to guide you in the right direction to enhance your health and wellbeing, been contemplating for some time but worried about not being able to cope, don’t let your negative thoughts rule you anymore, take the first step to taking back control of your eating habits and future health and you’ll wonder why you never did it before!

Below are some reasons for seeking help which may or may not apply to you but for whatever reason you feel that your eating habits could be impacting on your health and wellbeing and for whatever obstacles or fears you have struggled to overcome before now, just drop me an email, send me a text or give me a ring and you can start to understand ‘you’ better and experience some of the benefits from adopting a nutritional plan specifically prepared for you.

Looking to improve my digestive health

Improve my weight

Tired of feeling poorly but no specific medical reason why

Looking to start a family and improve fertility

Improve my or my families health & wellbeing by eating more healthily with quick and easy dishes to prepare

Have a good understanding of what’s healthy but have a limited choice of foods/meals in my diet and some foods disagree with me

Some of these affect me: anxiety, stress, low mood, mood swings, poor skin condition, increased/lack of appetite, food intolerances, poor concentration, headaches, low energy, frequent infections, memory lapses, insomnia

change your vision etc (43K)

You have likely given this a fair bit of thought. Making dietary changes doesn’t have to be hard work or mean that you have to be a good cook or spend a lot of time cooking. The guidance and support offered will help you to address the obstacles which have been holding you back. The knowledge you gain will help you work towards improving your general health and wellbeing and your goals. And make meal times less of a chore and more satisfying.

We all need a little helping hand now and again. Not knowing what dietary changes you can make is nothing to feel ashamed of and you won’t be judged for what you currently eat. The sooner you take the first step of making an appointment the sooner you will realise that your worst fears can be overcome and you can at last start to make manageable changes to your diet to fit in with your lifestyle.

You are not alone in going through this process and you will not be the first to discover how easy it can be to adapt and make improvements in your diet, which other members of your family may even benefit from too. 

To make an appointment or to obtain further details see contact me.


As you progress through the decades your energy and nutritional requirements change to meet the changes your body will undergo; whether you are experiencing a growth spurt, puberty, pregnancy, going through the menopause or starting to slow down and take life at a more relaxed pace, having adequate energy and nutrition will help to support you through these stages. 

Take a look at your age group to see why eating healthily could benefit you...

Under 20's, 20's-30's, 40's-50's, 60+



Having a baby can be a very exciting and daunting time, particularly if this is going to be your first baby. 

The amount of information available on fertility, conception, dietary advice to support the birth and benefits of breastfeeding can all be quite overwhelming. 

You may know what you should or should not eat, but do you know if your diet is providing you with adequate nutrition to support the growth and development of your baby?    

“Your food is your medicine and your
medicine your food”



To book an appointment or for further details please phone 07588-475547 or email

Testimonial page

Read what others experienced and how they coped with making changes to their diet. They may have experienced the same as what you are trying to achieve.’ 


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